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Our creative community includes a broad and diverse range of artists. We promote creative expressions and host workshops and other collaborative activities weekly / monthly. We curate an environment that fosters social engagement which often leads to meaningful connections and shared experiences. 

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UnCuttART is a multi-talented contemporary artist specializing in independent public art. Some of his early works include designing customized clothing for industry celebrities including the likes of Wycleff Jean, Joe, Nelly, Sean Paul and others. His work has been featured in television segments, including on MTV, BET, ABC and in magazines including Source Magazine. He also developed a line of sneakers that were distributed to over 300 retail outlets. Although he is primarily a self-taught artist, he holds a degree in Media Art from Westbury College. Over the years he has developed what can truly be called a unique, abstract artistic style, which finds its inspiration from life itself; one that takes what he describes as “strange little pieces” and fuse them together to form a greater image. UncuttART is also the god father of the Protect Yo HeART Movement

William Richards 

For over a decade, William Richard has been juggling between two homes: Kingston and New York City. After apprenticeships with industry giants Steve Hellerstein and Brad Guice; his first photographic work in the ‘Big Apple’ began with Essence Magazine and Capitol/Blue Note Records. Always an advocate for Jamaican culture, he sought to become a catalyst of change in what he often perceived as mediocre or insufficient photographic portrayal of the Dancehall icons he so admired. A hundred album covers and scores of editorials later, his portfolio expresses his passion for portraiture that includes International Athletes, Artists, Politicians, Models, Scholars, Business Leaders etc.

 “In order for the viewer to connect with my subject, I must first do so… Much of what I do lies not in composition and lighting, but in creating a mood in which the photographed forgets about the camera and the lights and just projects self…” 

Marlon Lindor 

Marlon Lindor is a multi-talented Haitian American video producer, photographer, and singer. Over the course of an impressive career spanning over two decades, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As a producer, his creative vision, combined with an innate understanding of storytelling had led him to become the mastermind behind various captivating TV shows, TV commercials, and music videos.

Marlon‘s vast network within the industry is a testament to his exceptional talent and professionalism. He has collaborated with numerous record labels, music producers, talented artists, and aspiring models, which speaks volumes about his ability to forge strong and lasting partnerships.