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Sustainable Business Solutions


We work with a range of clients, providing a variety of business support solutions. Whether it is a startup, a small company, a foundation, or a growing venture, we meet our clients wherever they are in their journey. We provide the support they need to get ahead faster; and more sustainably. Our business solutions services focus on financial efficiency, operational efficiency, business management and business development.

Strategic Business Consulting

We listen. We analyze. We solve.

1. Financial Efficiency

Allocating precious financial resources efficiently and effectively is a key factor in business solvency and overall success. We help clients optimize capital management, cost management and analyze strategic business investments.

2. Operational Efficiency

We connect the dots from top to bottom. We analyze businesses inside and out. We do this to create data driven strategies that remove friction and bottle necks in our clients’ day to day business operations.

3. Business Management

Business Management is an art and a science. It requires vision, foresight and perception. It takes the right people, with the right experience and tenacity to do this well. We fully appreciate the consequence of this. We are here to supplement our clients’ infrastructure in some cases, or manage the most challenging aspects as required. We do not provide one size fit all solutions.

4. Business Development

Business Development is requisite for success, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, this can be daunting. Many companies are overwhelmed with all the steps and processes that are required to be implemented, maintained, and actively managed. We work with clients to manage the matrix that poses some of the greatest obstacles to business development.

Brand Strategy & Development

The most successful brand strategies are informed by a company’s business strategy.

1. Discovery

We believe brand management to be an integral part of business management. We get into the details of the data, to create data driven, adaptable solutions, appropriate for the desired business results.

2. Convergence

The best brand strategies are purposefully built, to converge on to, or intersect with business strategy at various points over a business cycle. Many SMEs do not have the various in house resources that it takes to architect “brand:business” convergence. That’s where we come in.

Growth Strategy

Fixed vs Growth mindset shapes leaders and challengers; and ultimately defines the future of an enterprise.

1. Adjusting Frameworks

Technology is ever evolving. Most small and medium-sized businesses rely on technology to stay competitive. Others use the technology they can afford and complement it with extra man power. Whether you fit in bucket A or B, business growth requires constant monitoring, analysis and adjustment of frameworks. We work with our clients to position them for sustained growth.

2. Responding To Challenges

Challenges are a constant in business. How businesses respond to them determine success or failure.

3. Economies of Scale

In smaller companies, employees often wear several different hats. While it may be effective at first to get some projects off the ground, it is extremely difficult to scale a business this way. Managing growth also means positioning your business to capitalize on economies of scale; and avoid diminishing returns. We work with companies to help them optimize for growth at the pace that is comfortable for them.

4. Sustaining Growth

Effective marketing is key to sustaining growth. We help clients segment and re-segment the market to zoom in on their target clients and the consumer psychology that is driving demand. We work with clients to build sales funnels, manage consumer, conduct competitive analysis, identify and execute strategic partnerships etc.

Client Strategy

In the beginning, the middle and the end.

1. Sales Funnels

Building a carefully conceptualized sales funnel that is adaptable is key to automating a big portion of the client acquisition process. We help clients create as many of these as is required and integrate them with their customer management systems to enhance results.

2. Loyalty Programs

We help clients develop and define loyalty programs, relevant to their business model and target clients.

3. Opportunistic Client Strategies

Our data-driven approach allows us to identify synergies and non-obvious strategies to grow client base and revenues alike. We conduct deep demographic analysis, assess distribution channels, and study our clients’ competitors, to advance our client’s objectives.

4. Digital Asset Management

Digital media, digital content, digital client engagement is of tremendous importance to most of our clients. Many get lost in the digital asset management web, which has trickle down impacts on the positioning of most businesses. We create client specific frameworks to drive better digital asset management for our clients business objectives.

Packaged Solutions

At the request of our clients, we have packaged specific solutions, which we are able to provide independent of the level of service engagement. We have structured the packages to allow for as much flexibility as desired in each channel.

Creative Services

This covers the gamut of most creative services needs of small and medium sized businesses.

Sales Funnels

We have isolated this service for clients who are sales-focused and looking for strategies to get ahead.

Social Media Marketing

We provide monthly social media, community and marketing campaign management for clients.

Content Development

From concept to delivery, we design, direct, and develop content for various objectives for our clients.

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