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    A big part of the problem with the sustainable fashion movement is the lack of authenticity – by brand marketers who make sweeping claims about their sustainability practices, and impossible future commitments. Many get stuck on raw materials, which is the least evolved element in the whole continuum. It is the least evolved, simply because raw material substitutes to the majority of fibers used to express fashion historically do not yet have workable “sustainable” substitutes with statistically significant track records. Further, in the context of the fashion business, fabric choice is not made in isolation. There are many things to consider including: the quantity of the product being produced, the product design, the product look / feel and consumer aptitude etc. One of reason polyester is such a widely used fiber compared to, for example organic cotton, is that organic cotton requires high minimums for designs and printed patterns. If the collection is seasonal, the dominant question becomes how much fabric will be required to sufficiently express the collection versus what fabric to use.

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