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Membership provides access to Club Debut Infrasturcture As A Service platform, creative professionals, studios, creative labs, trainings, social events, networking events, pop-up workshops, consultation and more. It also gives you access to Club Debut community, partner programs, team of advisors, travel excursions and more. 

PRESTIGE: $159/month

Discounted Photo + Video Studio Access

Discounted Equipment Rental

Virtual + In Person Workshops, Training

Virtual + In Person Networking & Curated Events

1 hr Business Consultation

NYLON: $545/month

All Prestige Access Plus 

+ Access to Co-working Space 

+ Full Nylon Membership Access for Up to 3 Team Members 

SILK: $1549/month

All Nylon Access Plus 

+ Podcast Studio Access 3 Times / month 

+ 3 hrs Business Consultation

+ Access to Business Resource Center

CASHMERE: $3545/month

All Silk Access Plus 

+ Marketing Services

+ Content Services 


EMPIRE: $5849/month

All Cashmere Access Plus 

+ Technology Services

+ Brand & Merch Development

+ Manufacturing Services

Service A La Carte 

We created the Club Debut Services A La Carte menu to provide guests and members the opportunity to easily customizable service focus to fulfill dynamic on-going services, and digital maintenance needs.


Business Plan

Financial Plan

Strategic Growth Plan

Cost / Expense Management

Business Risk Management




Content Development

Graphic Design






Marketing Services

Marketing Plan

Marketing Collateral Development

Digital Asset Management

Social Media Marketing




Design Bootcamp

Product Development

Collection Development


Protoyping & Sampling

Manufacturing at scale



E-Commerce & Retail Services 

Retail Plan

Social Media Store Development (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TicTock)

Fulfillment, Shipping & Logistics


Amazon Store Development & Management

Amazon Store Fulfillment 



Technology Services (Web2 & Web3) 

E-commerce Store Development

Website Development 

Web3 Project Development & Management

NFT & DAO Creation 



Business Resources
(Including Referrals)

Incubator Programs

Tax Advisors 

CPA, Accountants

Startup Legal Specialist  



MISC Other 
(by Consultation)

One hour Consultation

Three Hour Working Session 

Full Day Staff Augmentation

Startup Legal Specialist