London Mist Dog Bed

Our beautiful London Mist Dog Bed is designed to seamlessly integrate into any decor lover’s colour palette, and fits perfectly in the crate to create a luxurious Doggy Den. A grey colour scheme goes with everything, and some of our favourite options include white, yellow, coral, mint, blush, navy, teal, charcoal, green, black and mustard. Sophisticated, elegant and calming, London Mist will be loved by you and your dog for a long time.

Complements our London Mist Bumper and Crate Cover.

Finer Details:

Colour: Grey and white herringbone pattern with white piping

  • Recycled wool blend walled dog bed with plush insert
  • Fully Lined with washable and water resistant PUV
  • Creates a cosy den-like space in your crate
  • Perfect for crate training puppies, and for making older dogs feel secure
  • Helps with toilet training and the nighttime routine
  • Machine cold wash on a delicate cycle, line dry in shade
  • Handmade

Designed in Australia for the love of dogs and decor. Made by our wonderful Colombian Artisans.