A dog crate, or “mobile home” can act as a safe haven for your pet. They’re great for teaching your dog boundaries, and giving them a sense of security. Dog Crates are a practical way of traveling with your dog, introducing them to new environments and keeping them safe.

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Double door – more options on how you place the crate which can save space in the home  – Saint Ernie crate covers have multiple door options to cater for this
Side door access – crate can be turned sideways in the back of a vehicle and the side door allows for easy entry and exit
Secure double latch system – easy to operate with a simple, yet ingenious, “locking” mechanism

Saint Ernie Crate Covers are made to fit over a crate, and the bumpers and cushions fit in perfectly.

Small: Length 25′ Height 18’8″, Width 18′
Medium: Length 33′ Height 23’2″, Width 23′
Large: Length 45′ Height 25′, Width 24′.


Small 24', Medium 30', Large 36'

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