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Increasingly the success of businesses, especially small and medium sized enterprises, rests on a company’s ability to articulate its value proposition visually. In fact, visual story telling is one of the leading tools employed by marketers to create audience engagement and drive customer acquisition and retention. We created the Club Debut Creative Solution service packages to provide easily customizable service agreements to fulfill clients on-going creative services, and digital maintenance needs.

Service Packages

The Initiator

Content Development, Logo Development, Brand Book Development

The Initiator package is designed for businesses that need to develop purpose driven content, whether for a campaign, weekly communication, social media marketing, product oriented content and more. Clients are able to choose their focus for each engagement. At the beginning of each engagement, we set the scope of work and client specific deliverables. As best as we can, we will customize all processes to ensure a high degree of satisfaction.

Pricing: $1,500

Fee is paid monthly for 3 months

The Activator

Brand Identity Development. Content Creation. Content Development. Photo Video Editing, Copy Editing, Campaign Creation

This package is designed for clients who need a little bit of everything to bring their business, brand and product to life. We work closely with clients to deliver work product specific to the platforms of intended use. We act as an extension of your in house team.

Pricing: $3,500

Fee is paid monthly for 3 months

The Explorer

Brand Development, Content Creation, Content Development, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Copy Writing, Merchandise Development and Manufacturing, Video Animation, Fashion Films, Studio Product Photography (models included) and more

This package is completely customizable and perfect for most small and medium sized enterprises that need to do many things in a month with rotating focus as they respond to market demand. With The Explorer, clients can take a more agile approach to marketing and creative content development, without the on-doing expense of an in-house team.

Pricing: $5,500

Fee is paid monthly for 3 months

Location, Curation, Decor
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