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Daneliya Tuleshova was born in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2006. At the age of six she began taking dance lessons, and was soon excelling in dance competitions. Around this time, she also began to take acting and group voice lessons. When Daneliya was eight years old she won a nationwide singing competition called "Ayalagan Astana" which provided her the opportunity to pariticipate in “New Wave Kids” where she made it to the finals. In 2017, Daneliya finished at the top of an international singing competition called “Nadezhda Evropy” (The Hopes of Europe), then went on to win “The Voice Kids,” a Ukraine contest. In 2018 Daneliya appeared in the “Discovery of the Year” Award at a Kazakhstan award ceremony called “The Nation’s Favorite” and an appearance at the Kremlin in Moscow, for the Eurasian Music Awards’ “BraVo,” where she sang the song "Je Veux" with French favorite Zaz. Later in 2018, Daneliya represented her country on the “Junior Eurovision Song Contest” TV show, held in Belarus. The 'tween crowd has always had their own young artists whose talent they exalt, from Christina to Justin in Disney's hands, to the current sensations. This young lady is poised to take her place among them!

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