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BBi For Creators

By Club Debut 

BBi For Creator (BBiFC) is a platform for young entrepreneurial creators of color and from ethnic minority backgrounds, committed to pursuing careers in the creative industries. The platform takes a value-driven, collaborative ecosystem approach, supported by business resources, to allow for unbounded creative collaboration, between members. We place emphasis on supporting creators focused on social good.



Positioning Creative Professionals of Color for Mainstream Success.

Creative Professionals play a major role in shaping the expression of culture and corporate brand Identities. As companies rewire their businesses to address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, BBi For Creators aim to be a collaborative source for top notch creative talent of color (including all ethnic minorities).

Product Development & Strategy  

We connect creators to tools and resources to aid in the fashion design, prototyping, sampling and full-scale manufacturing process. We also advise creators in business development strategies from creation to retail and post retail.


We support the discovery, development and deployment of futuristic technologies and platforms for media engagement that support or are supported by entrepreneurs of color.

Curation and Engagement

We curate events and exhibitions and participate in mainstream events to highlight the work of artists of color.


We connect the dots by providing retail opportunities for brands to debut new products and reach new audiences globally. We also help to facilitate upstream and downstream recycling, for the next generation of sustainably focused entrepreneurs.


Club Debut Ecosystem Approach

We co-locate our cohort members with creative professionals including photographers, cinematographers, graphic designers, emerging technologists, content creators and editors. We connect all professionals to business services tools including marketing, digital asset management, and technology, to promote the success of each entrepreneur. We facilitate access to creative job opportunities from companies, ventures and brands for our creative professionals. We curate live, hybrid & virtual events to convene influencers, change makers, community leaders, business leaders, founders, social enterprises, celebrities, etc; targeted to our global community.  We provide access to capital. By working with investors and contributors, BBi for creators will explore the opportunity to provide Capital to BAME creators.  

From design, to supply chain, to manufacturing, to consumer engagement and retail; we are integrating emerging technologies into our platform as we create and support the sustainable brands of the future. We create the context for our collaborators, designers and creative professionals to thrive. Our end-to-end ecosystem uniquely positions us to create sustainable social, financial and environmental impact. We have established a collaborative culture, where our members share not only space, but also resources, best practices, global networks, technology and market access. We create the context for constructive collaboration. While we aspire to and embrace all 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, we are directly targeting real tangible impact in 9 key areas over the next 2 years.


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KYU BY KESI is an ethical fashion brand dedicated to “Putting Humanity Back into Fashion.” The brand’s hands on conscientiously curated approach to globally sourced raw materials coupled with the brands expressed commitment to positive social impact = win win. 

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Protect Yo Heart Day: 4.23.2021


Sedona, Arizona |  Las Vegas, Nevada | Columbus Ohio | Miami, FL
New York, NY

For the fifth year in a row, we will gather groups of people all across virtually in a global response to @UncuttART unique, riveting HeARTwork that focuses on placing safety nets around our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Our goal is to connect one million souls.

July 23, 2018

Product Design, Development & Manufacturing

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