E T H I C A L   M A N U F A C T U R I N G

Club Debut specializes in design, product development and production management for the independent and emerging designers. It is an emerging designer’s on-ramp to optimized sourcing of ethical and / or sustainably made raw materials; as well as greater levels of control over manufacturing and production. It is also a bridge for an independent designer, desiring to get on the path to becoming a truly ethical and / or sustainable brand. In some ways by solving the fabric, sourcing, design, production and technical problems for designers, we provide an alternative to new apparel companies that cannot afford to house the above mentioned internally.

Having established a robust and economical supply chain foundation without sacrificing humanity or quality, Club Debut brings this differentiated value system to like-minded peers who stand united against unethical production and exploitation of artists and artisans. We assume those roles and functions on a consultancy basis while keeping clients’ overhead low and operational needs in check.

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D E B U T  OR  L A U N C H

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Through curated gatherings, annual global events, brand launches and festivals, Club Debut affiliated brands, partners and sponsors showcase their brand and products through highly curated, experiential events. Further we create a customized program for each brand to put our clients in the best position possible to achieve their marketing and sales objectives. Club Debut participants are therefore able to differentiate themselves through digital content, story telling post production, tailored influencer activations and more, from some of the world’s most celebrated fashion cities and venues.

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We focus on the experience. We create unforgettable moments that maximize interaction between clients / guests and the featured product.


We do not differ to turn-key solutions in curating brand and product exposure. Instead, we work with each client to create a program specific to that client’s objectives.

Style &Swag

We work with clients to design, curate and manufacture swag that suites the occasion. We emphasize swag that is thoughtful, stylish, and useful for target the audience.

Marketing &Influencers

We work with influencers around the world to generate focused content, with story lines, images, videos, contest and other digitally focused customer engagement to maximize awareness, sales and exposure.

S P O N S O R   O R   P A R T N E R

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We promise elegant, purposeful exposure and rewarding interactive converge at each Club Debut gathering. We work one-on-one with our sponsors and affiliate brand partners to curate memorable moments that leave a lasting impression in our sponsors’, brands’, and clients’ minds. Our partners and sponsors are usually so impressed with us that they stick with us through time. Feel free to contact us to learn more and discuss customized opportunities.

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Club Debut Miami Art Week Festival Recap


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